Based in Brighton UK, the PWA rig is a true hybrid system which combines the flexibility and control of the digital domain, the depth of analogue summing & the unmistakable tonality that vintage & boutique hardware equipment offers.

Equipment List

Analogue Summing:

SSL Sigma Delta Summing Mixer
Vintage Maker 16/2 Passive Summing Mixer


Grace Design M905
Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27 (Gen 1)
Yamaha NS-10M
Grado RS Custom
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (2 Units)
Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro

Tape Machines:

Otari MTR-90 MKII 2" 24 Track
Revox PR-99 MKIII 

Dynamic Processors:

Solid State Logic FX-G384
Manley ELOP Limiting Amplifier (Silver Face)
Teletronix LA-2A
Chandler Limited EMI TG1 Limiter
Empirical Labs EL-8XS Distressor (2 Units)
UREI 1178
Universal Audio 1176LN (2 Units)
Altec Lancing 436C
dbx 160 VU Stereo
dbx 160 XT
SPL Transient Designer 4
Dolby 361 Type A
Drawmer DS-201B


AMS Neve 8803
Funky Junk SSL FJ4000E (2 Units)
Kush Audio Clariphonic MS
UREI 545
Pultec MEQ-500
Maag EQ4-500
Rupert Neve Designs 551 Inductor
API 560B
API 550A
TK Audio TK-lizer 500
Little Labs VOG Analogue Bass Resonance Tool
Orban 622B
UREI 565T Little Dipper

Tone Processors:

Thermionic Culture Ultra Vulture
Rupert Neve Designs 542 Tape Simulator (3 Units)
Chandler Industries Tube Driver TDR-101
BadPennyFX SmoothFlow + Evil Joe (Custom Rack Overdrive)


Chandler Limited TG2 EMI
Helios Type 69 500 Series
Funky Junk SSL FJ4000E (2 Units)
Classic API VP312 (2 Units)
Jow Meek VC3

Effects Processors:

Lexicon 224XL
Surfy Industries SurfyBear Studio Reverb (Vintage Tank Mod)


Electrovoice RE20
Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Vintage Telefunken MD-421 (3 Units)
Vintage AKG D19 C
Heil Sound PR30
SE Electronics Voodoo VR1
Vintage Beyer M69 
Vintage British Film Industries Ribbon (Xaudio Mod)
Shure SM57 (2 Units)
Shure SM57 (Transformerless Mod)

Computer System:

Apple Mac Studio M2
Antelope Orion 32+
Antelope Orion 32
Burl Audio B2 Bomber ADC
UAD-2 Satelitte Thunderbolt Octo
Avid Artist Mix
Elgato Streamdeck


Selmer 50 RSV Treble'N'Bass
Marshall Amplification SV20H-E
Vox Amplification AC15
Morgan Davies Drums Custom 14 x 7.5 Snare
Takamine GD30CE Dreadnaught Electro Acoustic
TK Audio M/S Blender 500 
Dynamount X-1R
Dynamount Off-Axis Accessory
Universal Audio 1176SA
Rupert Neve Designs R10
API 500 8B Lunchbox
Zilla Custom Fatboy 2x12" Speaker Cabinet
Vintage 1980'S Marshall JCM800 Model 1933 1X12” Speaker Cabinet
BadpennyFX The Fussy Cuntroller (Custom Modded Fuzz Controller)
Eris Harmonic Buellator
Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer (Clean Mod)
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Boss PN-2 Tremelo/Pan
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron (Original Large Box)
Electro-Harmonix Micro-POG
Maxon OD808
Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI
Snarling Dog SDP-3 Fuzz Buzz
Strymon Ojai
Radial Big Shot ABY
Radial ProRMP (2 Units)